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Buddy visited Clear Hear in Worcester with his human, Clive. 
Following an initial hearing test with Charmain, Clive is now getting his hearing aids upgraded to the latest Paradise FIT Smart hearing aids. These will help him hear more clearly in meetings, in the pub, and because they’re waterproof, rain won’t stop play on the golf course either! 
As a qualified and experienced Audiologist, Charmain knows all too well that hearing loss has a hugely significant link to our cognitive and wider health. 
Untreated hearing loss massively impacts cognitive function, and if hearing loss is left untreated, it can lead to emotional and wider general health issues. 
So Buddy’s really happy that he has a clever owner who opts for smart hearing aids. 
He’s even more pleased to hear that Clive’s new hearing aids can measure his footsteps and his heart rate when on walks around Worcester! 
The new smart hearing aids are rechargeable using Sonova’s lithium-ion power system and can be adjusted by Charmain remotely. 
So, wherever Clive and Buddy are in the world, they can both hear each other perfectly clearly! 
Us humans are sometimes reluctant to get our hearing checked. However, it’s an important aspect of safeguarding the health of our brains. 
A moderate hearing impairment can increase the risk of cognitive decline three-fold. This is because the reduced quality of sound information to the brain from the ears means the brain can’t make sense of what has been heard, and is further related to poor balance, social isolation, and dementia later in life. 
If you’d like to assess whether your hearing may be impaired - or find hearing aids that are better matched to your daily life - you can book an appointment with Charmain for an initial hearing test HERE
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