Ear Wax Removal  


Ear Wax Removal 

 Ear Wax Removal 

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Clear Hear is led by experienced audiologist Charmain Leek, RHAD, MPPM. 

What are the symptoms of a build up of ear wax? 
A build up of ear wax in your ear can cause any of the following symptoms: 
Temporary loss of hearing, or a 'full' or 'blocked up' feeling 
Ear ache and pain, sometimes ear infections 
Tinnitus (a ringing or buzzing sound in one or both ears) 
Vertigo (a sensation of dizziness or loss of balance) 
Itching inside, or around, the ear 
If the wax becomes impacted, it can be very difficult for a doctor or audiologist to inspect and assess the condition of the ear canal and ear drum. 

Ear Wax Removal with Microsuction or Irrigation 

We can provide safe and effective ear wax removal in our Worcester based clinic, or (if you would prefer) as a visit to your home. 
Prior to any wax removal, we will first peform a gentle and thorough examination inside your ears using a video otoscope. This is a tiny camera on the end of a soft tube.  
If ear wax is present, we will carry out microsuction, which is the safest way to remove wax and debris from the ear canal using a gentle vacuum device.  

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Can Ear Wax Removal Help With Tinnitus? 

Tinnitus is a common problem where sufferers experience ringing sounds, or noises, in one or both ears. The noise you hear when you have tinnitus can only be heard by you because it's not being caused by an external sound.  
Causes of tinnitus range from exposure to loud noises, an infection in the ear, an injury to the head or neck, through to a side effect of medication. Emotional stress can exacerbate tinnitus, and the presence of an ear wax plug in your ear canal can also be a culprit. 
Charmain of Clear Hear describes a recent appointment with a young man who was struggling with his tinnitus: "He thought it may have been caused by a build up of ear wax; it was so bad that he hadn’t slept for five nights." 
Video otoscopy revealed an excessive build up of ear wax. The wax was successfully removed from both ears, the result; his hearing was back to normal and most importantly, the tinnitus had completely gone! 

Ear Wax Removal Pricing and Preparation 

Ear wax removal is £50 for one ear and £75 for both ears, using the latest microsuction or irrigation techniques (based on medical history and preference). 
The above prices include a thorough examination of the inside of both ears using a video otoscope - this is a safe and gentle procedure.  
If no ear wax is present, the only fee will be £20 for the consultation and examination (any referral letters to GPs or consultants are included in this price). 
Prior to your ear wax removal procedure, we recommend using olive oil ear drops three times a day (for as many days as possible on the lead up to your appointment).  
This will soften the wax and help to gently loosen it from the ear drum and ear canal walls. 
Please note: We do not recommend the use of olive oil, or any type of ear drops, if you believe you may have an ear infection or perforated ear drum. 

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Please note: A £20 deposit is required to book online however, if you would prefer you can call us on 
0800 731 8545 to book over the phone without a deposit 
We always strive to give immediate appointments whenever necessary and have evening and weekend appointments available -  
please call 0800 731 8545 to arrange. 

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