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Why do we need to protect our hearing? 
Being exposed to loud sounds for any length of time causes fatigue to the sensory hair cells inside our ears. This can cause temporary hearing loss or tinnitus. If we're exposed to noise above a safe volume, or for a prolonged period of time, it can cause irreversible damage, leading to a permanent noise-induced hearing loss. There is no cure for this.  
The great news is - there are ways in which we can protect our hearing. For those of us exposed to loud noise on a regular basis this is especially important. 
Noise protection tailored to you 
At Clear Hear we are used to seeing patients from all walks of life, at all different ages and with every different kind of occupation and favourite pastime. With this in mind, we're able to offer a wide range of noise protection solutions, providing a bespoke solution for each individual. 
We're frequently visited by musicians, pilots and people who work in the kind of environment that regularly exposes them to high volumes of sound. We can also provide ear plugs for shooting and motorsport enthusiasts.  
Some of our sleep deprived customers ask for a resolution for living with a partner who snores, or there are those that just like extra peace and quiet at bedtime. We can also provide top of the range fitted ear plugs for swimmers who wish to protect their ears from pain and infection associated with regular trips to the pool. 
Serenity Choice™ are high-end hearing protection solutions, designed to reduce noise and loud sounds while allowing the ear to breathe and keeping relevant sound and speech. 
These can be custom made for: 
- People who want to prevent hearing loss caused by loud sounds 
- People who want to improve comfort by blocking out environmental sounds 
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