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Ear irrigation can help to safely remove ear wax and any other objects from the ear canal 
I received a phone call from a young lady recently asking if it would be possible to look in her ear as she was concerned one of the backs on her stud earrings may have fallen into her ear canal. She had noticed her hearing was reduced in that ear also. 
The young lagy had a tragus piercing. The tragus is the triangular shaped piece of cartilage over the opening of the ear. Some people find that having a piercing here helps them suffer less with migraine headaches. These peircings are also on trend right now, however there are risks associated. 
When I examined the ear, I couldn’t clearly see any foreign bodies in the ear canal however there was large build up of ear wax. 
As the debris was quite large, and there was a chance the ear ring could be next to the ear drum, I wasn’t sure that micro suction was appropriate - just in case it might cause trauma to the ear drum. 
My approach was to gently use the irrigation technique, the debris very quickley moved to the opening of the ear canal and amazingly the back of the ear ring was in the debris. 
The young lady thought it could have been there for four months, so we were very lucky that it hadn’t caused any damage. In fact, her ear had done the job it was meant to by creating wax to stop the foreign object damaging her ear canal/ear drum. 
The lovely girl was very grateful and is no longer going to wear tragus ear rings! 
For ear wax removal, or removal of any other foreign objects that may have made their way into your ears - you can book an appointment HERE
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