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So many of us wear headphones on a regular basis: for work, whilst listening to music and podcasts, or just when chatting to friends and family on the phone. 
What we may not realise is the damage that can be caused to our hearing – just from wearing headphones. 
Firstly; both headphones and earbuds can reduce the airflow inside your ears. This can lead to moisture and a build up of ear wax inside your ears. 
Another significant problem relating to wearing headphones is the volume that they’re set to. You’re probably aware that very loud noise can damage your ears however, do you know why this happens? Or that the length of time you’re wearing headphones for can also have an impact? 
We all have thousands of tiny hair cells inside our ears (specifically in the ‘cochlea’ – which is the fluid filled chamber deep inside our ears). Listening to sounds that are too loud, for too long, can cause these cells to lose their sensitivity.  
The good news is that this can be temporary, and the hair cells can recover. We do need to take care however, as loud noise for a prolonged period of time can cause permanent damage, leading to a permanent noise-induced hearing loss. There is no cure for this. 
Here are some tips to help: 
1) Be aware of how frequently you’re listening to loud music or sounds 
A good rule of thumb is keeping the volume lower than 60% of the maximum volume on your device, and switch off after 60 minutes to give your ears a break. This is more difficult for anyone using headphones for work; in which case we’d recommend keeping the volume setting as low as rationally possible, take the breaks offered to you, and get hearing tests regularly to make sure there are no significant changes to your hearing. 
2) Choose Noise Cancelling Headphones 
If you find yourself turning up the volume to drown out external sounds; you could benefit from switching to headphones that are designed to block out any other sounds. This way you can comfortably keep your volume lower without other noises conflicting. 
3) Opt for Over-the-Ear Headphones instead of In-ear models 
Even the small difference in distance, between the speakers in your headphones and your eardrums, will reduce your chances of causing hearing loss. 
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