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Tinnitus can be a symptom of many different ear-related problems 
Tinnitus is a common problem where sufferers experience ringing sounds, or noises, in one or both ears. The noise you hear when you have tinnitus can only be heard by you because it's not being caused by an external sound. Causes of tinnitus range from exposure to loud noises, an infection in the ear, an injury to the head or neck, through to a side effect of medication. Emotional stress can exacerbate tinnitus, and the presence of an ear wax plug in your ear canal can also be a culprit. 
We do get many patients attend our clinic for ear wax removal as they are experiencing tinnitus. Prior to ear wax removal thorough medical history is taken to assess if the patient is suitable for the procedure.  
Charmain then uses a video otoscope to look inside the ears, with this she can show on screen the build up of wax before and after ear wax removal. Often, the ear wax debris is blocking the whole of the ear canal/s. This can have the effect of keeping all sounds inside the patient's head, it's almost like having your head inside a barrel and it sounds unnatural. 
Just before the extraction, patients will often ask “Will this get rid of my tinnitus, as it’s driving me crazy?” - No pressure Charmain!  
We can never promise that ear wax removal is the solution to tinnitus, however, with many patients the condition can be reduced significantly, and frequently does disappear. One lady recently burst into tears immediately after ear wax removal as her tinnitus had vanished - the relief for her was immense beacuse the tinnitus was causing her such discomfort. 
Ear wax removal by irrigation or microsuction is a safe and gentle procedure. To book an appointment click HERE or call 0800 731 8545. 
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